Aromatherapy Calming Sleep Oil Blend


Relax, relieve tension, aid sleep, or re-energise your mind, body and skin


Experience a sense of lightness and wellbeing with a Custom Blend Aromatherapy Oil. 


Free from sulphates, parabens and mineral oils. All AIRA Therapy Custom Blend Aromatherapy Oils are created individually for you with pure, therapeutic-grade plant oils, ethically harvested essential oils, and are naturally vegan.


For New Clients:

Welcome, you're journey to well-being has begun. As this is your first visit to AIRA Therapy, creating your Custom Blend Aromatherapy Oil starts with a confidential 30-minute Aromatherapy Consultation via video link and includes a medical and lifestyle questionnaire. We will discuss together what you are looking for, and following the consultation, I will provide you with the details of your bespoke oil blend, how to use it, and a full ingredients list.  

Click Book Now, to make your appointment and purchase your blend.



For Returning Clients:

Welcome back, it's great you're here. If you have had an Aromatherapy Consultation, you can shop directly by clicking the Buy Now button, and in order to create your custom blend oil, you will receive a follow up call or email to discuss your individual blend. Or if you would prefer to have an aromatherapy consultation via video call, click Book Now.


The price of £24 includes your consultation and your Custom Blend Aromatherapy Oil 10 ml.


If you have any questions about this custom blend service, or need more information, please contact me by email at, or give me a call on 07944883143. 


Additional custom blend aromatherapy oils and larger sizes are available for an additional charge. See prices and other services for details.


"I had a course of six treatments with Emily with the aim of helping me to destress, feel more relaxed and sleep better. Emily took great effort and time to create and tweak oil blends for each treatment in order to further enhance the outcome, providing an explanation of the key benefits of each extract. She has a fantastic knowledge of oils and how best to blend them to help address various conditions - both physical and emotional. The massages themselves were incredibly relaxing and focused on key areas of my body where I was either holding more tension or had particular aches and pains. I always came away feeling like I was walking on air and, amazingly, slept better as a consequence. "

Sara M.

I’ve had a few treatments with Emily and felt fantastic every time. Her skilful blending of the essential oils has provided exactly what I have needed, whether to bring calmness and relaxation or vigour and energy. I’ll definitely be going back.

B. Johns

Emily has treated me during a difficult diagnosis of an auto-immune disease and her carefully targeted massages together with specially selected oil blends targeted to help my specific issues have been fantastic.  I cannot recommend her highly enough, I never want to leave the warm calm haven of her treatment room!

Lucy H.