• Emily Muffett



Created to celebrate the flowers that bloom brightest, I was inspired to call my new aromatherapy blend Flower Moon - the name given to the full moon in May.

This beautiful new aromatherapy blend is designed to restore balance to heightened emotions, nurture wellbeing and support harmonious sleep.

Balancing Geranium, calming Clary Sage, relaxing Lavender and comforting Rose combine with soothing Calendula, Safflower and Jojoba oils. The scent is a deeply relaxing herbaceous floral.

I started working on this blend two years ago when I was studying for my Aromatherapy Diploma, and wanted to create an oil that would be useful for myself, my daughter and my future clients when we were feeling out of kilter, experiencing physical or emotional discomfort and needed support to restore our sense of wellbeing.

I read and researched numerous articles, and clinical studies on aromatherapy and essential oils and their effectiveness on issues relating to hormones, physical and emotional symptoms experienced by clients with pre-menstrual syndrome, and going through the menopause. When I started my aromatherapy practise, I found that PMS, peri-menopause and menopause and associated symptoms were experienced by many of my clients, effecting their quality of life from between one to three weeks per month. For some it can be debilitating.

At first I created blends and applied these during aromatherapy body massages, finding that a soothing massage of the abdomen and lower back, was especially comforting and restorative for clients. Essential oils that were helpful included Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Clary Sage, Bergamot and Rose. It is recognized that aromatherapy massage combined with essential oils can create synergy and increase the benefits of both, helping to relieve tension, aches and pains, improve mood and wellbeing, and support sleep.

Having tried and tested numerous versions of my blends over the past two years, I have created Flower Moon in an easy-to-use Bath & Body oil blend, and as a handy pulse-point Rollerball. My intention is that Flower Moon can be used to create moments of calm and wellbeing, whether that's during a relaxing aromatic bath, a soothing morning or evening massage ritual, or as quick and convenient pick-me-up to reduce feelings of anxiety or discomfort on the go at work, home, and when travelling.

Each ingredient in Flower Moon has been chosen for its therapeutic benefits and contribution to making this a truly nurturing and restorative aromatherapy oil:

Geranium: I've chosen Pelargonium graveolens for its balancing therapeutic properties. It has a beautiful floral herbaceous scent and clinical studies have shown that its aroma is very effective in reducing anxiety. Refreshing and calming, it can help us to feel more harmonious and to minimize extreme emotions.

Clary Sage: an uplifting tonic for our nerves, and fortifying for our minds, Salvia Sclarea is a natural choice to restore balance, for relaxation and for strengthening our wellbeing. It is an essential oil renowned in clinical aromatherapy for treating pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS); for supporting childbirth, and for managing menopause. It is often recommended by aromatherapists to help with hot flashes and night sweats. Its fresh, sweet herbaceous scent lends a unique tenacity to Flower Moon.

Lavender: healing, relaxing and anti-inflammatory, the scent of Lavandula angustifolia is able to improve mood and concentration, aid sleep and reduce anxiety. It has a calming, fresh, floral scent with rich herbaceous undertones.

Rose: known as the queen of flowers, the rich comforting floral scent of Rosa centifolia soothes mind, body and skin. It is a flower often associated with love, and is a symbol of feminine qualities. It can support our energy fields, protecting us from negativity, boosting our self-esteem and nurturing a deeper sense of wellbeing. I felt that Rose would provide the perfect aromatic heart for Flower Moon.

Calendula: soothing Calendula officinalis nourishes skin and provides anti-inflammatory benefits. I've chosen an organic infusion of Calendula flowers in sunflower seed oil for Flower Moon. The pale golden oil brims with essential fatty acids for replenishing and restoring the appearance of our skin.

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