• Emily Muffett

Now Open! The NEW AIRA Therapy Treatment Studio Launches in East Dulwich

Discover how custom blend aromatherapy massage can help relieve stress and anxiety, boost your mood and mental wellbeing and provide a deeply relaxing treatment to ease tension, aid sleep and so much more…

Location: Launched in July 2020, the AIRA Therapy Treatment Studio is a brand new haven for your wellbeing, located on the second floor in Oru Space, on Lordship Lane, East Dulwich.

Treatments: Designed to provide you with comfort and relaxation for your treatment, you can book deeply relaxing custom blend Aromatherapy Body Massages; soothe away tension with a custom blend Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Treatment; or treat yourself to a custom blend Aromatherapy Treatment Oil.

"I’ve had a few treatments with Emily and felt fantastic every time. Her skilful blending of the essential oils has provided exactly what I have needed, whether to bring calmness and relaxation or vigour and energy. I’ll definitely be going back." B. Johns

Your Appointment: morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available five days a week including Saturdays. Book online or by calling me on 07944883143. If you can’t see a convenient appointment time available on the website, contact me by phone or email as additional appointment times may be available.

At your appointment, we will discuss your lifestyle, health and wellbeing in a confidential consultation. I will create a custom blend of organic and ethically sourced aromatherapy oils suited to your individual needs and preferences. For each treatment, I will blend a personalised selection of essential oils and fixed plant oils chosen for their therapeutic properties, matched to address your specific profile and expertly blended in accordance with safe and recommended guidelines.

Deeply Relaxing Massage: Aromatherapy massage uses gentle and tailored techniques designed to holistically rebalance the body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to help you feel deeply relaxed, release muscle tension, aid digestion and stress, and support your emotional and physical wellbeing.

"I had a course of six treatments with Emily with the aim of helping me to destress, feel more relaxed and sleep better. Emily took great effort and time to create and tweak oil blends for each treatment in order to further enhance the outcome, providing an explanation of the key benefits of each extract. She has a fantastic knowledge of oils and how best to blend them to help address various conditions - both physical and emotional. The massages themselves were incredibly relaxing and focused on key areas of my body where I was either holding more tension or had particular aches and pains. I always came away feeling like I was walking on air and, amazingly, slept better as a consequence. " Sara M.

Following your massage, I recommend keeping the custom blend oils on your skin for several hours, and preferably overnight, so that you can optimally enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. You will also receive tailored after-care advice as part of your treatment.

"Emily has treated me during a difficult diagnosis of an auto-immune disease and her carefully targeted massages together with specially selected oil blends targeted to help my specific issues have been fantastic. I cannot recommend her highly enough, I never want to leave the warm calm haven of her treatment room!" Lucy H.

Custom Blend Aromatherapy Oils: To continue your aromatherapy treatment at home, you may like to choose a custom blend bath & body oil, treatment oil, or nourishing face oil, created exclusively for you at the Treatment Studio, following your massage treatment. This is a bespoke service where the oil of your choice will be created to an individual blend for your mind, body and skin. Custom blends are available from £18.

Coming soon: new custom blend Aromatherapy Facials and Face & Body Treatments will be launching this month - check out my homepage to find out when and how to book!

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